Low-calorie snack swaps to help you stick to your diet over Easter

Low-calorie snack swaps to help you stick to your diet over Easter

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24 Mar 2023

When you are trying to lose weight, every holiday celebration comes with the added pressure of managing your food intake. 

And no holiday says chocolate and candy, quite like Easter.

It is important that you don’t worry too much, and let yourself enjoy the celebrations. They only come around once a year, and stressing about it will only impact your health and weight in the long run. 

But if you’re trying to lose weight, then the task of staying on track can feel daunting, especially when the celebrations are centered around food like Easter. 

But there are some simple swaps and tricks that you can use to ensure that you don’t fall too far off the bandwagon and still enjoy the holiday celebrations. 

We’re sharing some of our favorite swaps and tips for staying on the healthy track over Easter. 

Easter swaps to stay healthy

We’re not fans of cutting every vice out - there are ways to enjoy holidays (and life in general) without completely depriving yourself of joy. 

That being said, it’s important to be mindful of what you eat, and if you are trying to be strict there are plenty of simple swaps that you can make over Easter to ensure that you enjoy your time, without overdoing it. 

1. Dark chocolate eggs…

If you are getting your own chocolate egg (and not just snacking on the kids), then it’s best to opt for a dark chocolate egg. A dairy milk Easter egg can have around 1800 caories, while the dark chocolate equivalent has around 1100 calories on average. 

Yikes! That’s a lot of calories in one go. 

But the good news is that not only does dark chocolate have a lot less calories, but it’s also hard to overindulge and eat more than a little in one go. So it will help you keep your portion sizes low.

If you don’t like dark chocolate then get a smaller chocolate egg, or share it with someone. 

2. Easter Candy

From Cadbury cream eggs, to Easter jelly beans and peeps marshmallows, there is a lot of candy that goes hand in hand with Easter.

Again, these snacks are easy to overconsume. You might think you are just having a little, but all these add up.

A good way to combat this is to do some home-baking, substituting high-calorie ingredients for lower healthy ones. 

This way you’ll get your sweet-treat fix, and have a clear boundary on a portion size (rather than a whole pack).

It also plays in to the celebration element, and you can make the baking a family affiar - just another way to spend some time with loved ones and make the eating experience more mindful. 

3. Easter Dinner…

Easter dinner in itself is pretty healthy and nutritious, with meat, potatoes and veggies galore. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the meal without guilt.

Just be mindful of portion sizes, and don’t load your plate up with too many extra helpings and you should be fine. 

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Keep the over-indulgence to one day…

Easter weekend encapsulates a few days, so one day of bad eating can quickly spiral into a few days and then a week if you’re not careful. Getting back on the bandwagon can be tough, so it’s best to not fall off in the first place. 

If you’re celebrating with the family then let yourself enjoy it, but don’t let it slip into multiple days. 

Try and be strict with your eating in the days leading up to it, and get right back on it the next day. One day of indulgance isn’t going to set you back - just don’t let it become more. 

Keep your portion size low

It’s easy to overindulge and eat your Eater egg all in one go, but when would you ever eat that much chocolate in one go under normal circumstances?

The answer to that is probably never…

So, why make Easter any different?

Let yourself enjoy the chocolate and other Easter snacks and meals, but don’t eat more than you usually would in one go. 

It’s also easy to eat a couple of bits of the kid's Easter eggs and think you aren’t consuming many calories, but all those little bites can add up. 

On average an easter egg has around 1000 calories, so even eating a bit of these can push your calorie intake up significantly.

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Enjoy your time…

So, there you have some tips for eating more healthily over the Easter holidays. 

And remember - there is nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of chocolate and indulgence over the holidays. In fact, we encourage it - there is no point in being so rigid with your plans that you don’t enjoy life. 

The main thing to ensure is that you eat mindfully, rather than snacking aimlessly, pushing up your calorie intake. Don’t eat for the sake of it, and try and make healthy choices where you can. 

But it’s a time for celebration and family, and it only happens once a year. So be sensible, but don’t let your eating impact the joy of making memories. 

If you want some help on the days around Easter, then a weight loss supplement such as PhenQ can help curb craings and boost weight loss progress.