The Top Benefits of Sustainable Weight Loss

The Top Benefits of Sustainable Weight Loss

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04 Jul 2024

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For many people, losing weight is all about looking good. You know, fitting into those clothes that make you look better and feel less self-conscious about your appearance.

But there’s so much more to it than that! Sustainable weight loss has a multitude of benefits, which you’ll only properly start to appreciate once you start to get into your weight loss journey properly.

Being overweight isn’t always caused by one single issue. It’s often a combination of factors that can have a massive impact on the amount of excess body fat we carry. 

If you lead a busy life, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to fall into habits such as grabbing a quick takeaway or not having enough time for physical activity. These things can lead to weight gain over time, and more often than not, without you even realizing it before it’s too late.

The fact is that overweight and obese adults tend to have a lower quality of life than those with a healthy body weight. And you can avoid this with a long-term weight management plan.

Sustainable weight loss habits can reverse this process, by giving you more control over your own weight management. 

It’s a way of taking accountability for your calorie deficit and making it count over the long term.

What is sustainable weight loss?

Middle aged woman losing weight sustainably

Sustainable weight loss is where you’re making small, healthy changes that can be comfortably maintained over a period of time. 

Diets such as intermittent fasting, or the Atkins diet might work in the short term. But you can easily put the weight back on once you finish.  

Is rapid weight loss sustainable? The short answer is “no”. The problem with rapid weight loss is that it doesn’t train your body to develop new and better habits. It’s a quick fix that normally leads to rapid weight gain.

A sustainable weight loss diet is one where you are more in control of your calorie deficit. This means you're less likely to put on weight suddenly, as the weight management will continue once the excess weight has been shifted.  

The key aspects of sustainable weight loss are…

  • A sustainable weight loss rate of around  one to two lbs per week through a moderate calorie deficit of around 500 calories per day. This helps to avoid a disruption to your metabolism which can occur with fad diets
  • Getting into the habit of making the right food choices that cover all food groups 
  • Gradually Increasing the amount of physical activity you do, and finding your favourite exercises 
  • Making your goals realistic
  • Staying motivated by getting support from others and practising self-care

The aim of a sustainable weight loss plan is to make incremental but significant lifestyle changes that you can sustain over time, rather than quick fixes that can lead to rapid weight loss and regain. 

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The top benefits of sustainable weight loss

We understand that it’s a great feeling when you’re happier with your physical performance when you’re down to a comfortable weight. But that’s just one of the many benefits of weight loss. 

Here are just some of the health benefits you can expect from a sustainable weight loss program.

Better energy levels

Woman with high energy from sustainable weight loss

When you increase the amount of physical exercise you do, it will gradually start to feel easier. Better eating habits and regular exercise, combined with sustainable weight loss, can boost energy levels rather than deplete them.

You’ll be able to perform more activities at a higher intensity and feel more energised as a result. 

As you lose weight, you’ll discover your mobility increases, too, which will also help with your energy stores. 

Your body will start to feel revitalised, and it’s a great feeling, which will spur you on in your sustainable weight loss journey.

Better sleep quality

Being overweight can cause disrupted sleep patterns due to issues such as snoring, sleep apnea, and daytime tiredness. Excess weight around the neck area can cause breathing issues when you’re sleeping and poor sleep quality. 

As you start to lose weight as part of your sustainable weekly weight loss, you’ll get better sleep. This will not only help you feel more energised, but it will also help to boost your metabolism.

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Lower stress levels

relaxed woman

While there’s no direct link between weight loss and stress, the fact is that successful sustainable weight loss will help to reduce any anxieties you have over your weight.  

Stress can negatively affect your immune system and sustainable weight loss can help lower chronic stress levels to make your immune system stronger.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help to promote a feel-good factor, which will have a great stress-reducing effect. 

Better cardiovascular health

Being overweight can harm your heart, and sustainable weight loss will lead to positive changes, including…

  • Lowering  blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease and strokes
  • Helping to  manage blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes

Even a small weight loss of five to ten percent of body weight can significantly lower your risk of developing coronary artery disease and other heart problems. 

This is because it reduces the metabolic burden on your body, which reduces the risk of heart disease. The best way to achieve this is through gradual and sustainable weight loss. 

A better quality of life

woman smiling with arms raised

The health benefits of weight loss aren’t just physical. You should feel an immediate health benefit from your mood and general sense of wellbeing. 

You can feel confident that, even in the early stages of a sustainable weight loss program, you’ll start to feel the weight loss benefits. As a result, this will lead to a better quality of life. 

You’ll feel more energised, your mood will improve, as will your cognitive health, and you’ll start to feel like a different person. 

Eating more mindfully and moving more will help rejuvenate your mind and body. This will have immediate health benefits and a positive impact on other areas of your life, such as family, and work. Here’s to a brand new you.

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Improved self-esteem 

The benefits of losing weight are likely to include how you feel about yourself. Your self-esteem has a huge impact on your physical and mental health, and sustainable weight loss will help you love yourself all the more.

This heightened sense of worth is often because you’ve gained control over your weight, rather than let it run away with you. 

When you put on extra pounds, you can often feel that you have no control over the situation, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get your weight back down. 

When you know the key methods of sustainable weight loss and see them working for you, it will come as a huge relief, and you’ll feel that you’ve finally gotten into the driving seat.

Practicing self-love and self-care is an essential part of the weight loss journey. As you start to maintain a healthy weight, this will become easier. 

Knowing your strengths and challenging your weaknesses will become second nature to you, the further you progress.

More self-esteem will enable you to cope better with stress, anxiety, and pressure, which will give you added strength when things are tough. 

If you’ve decided to take on a sustainable weight loss journey, you should be proud of yourself already.

Sustainable weight loss tips

The key to a sustainable weight loss plan is to adopt healthier habits and to train your body to accept them as the “norm”.  

It's important to lose weight safely, so that your body adapts to the changes easily, and to avoid any health issues. There are two key changes you can make that will make your weight loss outcomes a whole lot easier.

Let’s take a look.

Make better nutritional choices

woman cooking healthy foods

Losing weight doesn't mean starving yourself. You'll still have to give your body the essential nutrients it needs to function. Protein, carbs, and healthy fats are an essential part of balanced diet plans.

Healthy eating habits are a must if you want to achieve successful weight loss, and choosing healthy foods will enable you to lose weight and keep on top of your nutritional needs. 

This might seem obvious, but as already discussed, convenience food can be a huge disrupter. To make better choices with your nutrition, you need to train yourself to adopt better habits.

For example, if you feel you’re going to be short of time on certain days to make nutritious meals, it’s a good idea to prepare some and store them so they’re good to go at a moment’s notice. This is a much better option than a high-calorie takeaway.

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Make time for physical activity

Regular exercise routines are one of the most important aspects of maintaining weight loss. The key phrase here is “making time”. 

The amount of physical activity you do each day can depend on how much time you have on your hands, so you must make a conscious decision to open up a window in your daily schedule to devote to exercise. 

The more active you are, the more calories you’ll burn, so it’s an important factor in the sustainable weight loss journey.

Do it today!

man and woman preparing to go for a run

The health benefits of sustainable weight loss are plentiful. There will never be a better time than today to become familiar with sustainable weight loss maintenance. Losing weight and improving your overall health is a sensible choice.

There are so many incentives to lose weight and your weight loss goals should be spurred on by the rewards waiting for you when you get to your desired weight.

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What is the best way to lose weight sustainably?

Slow and steady weight is the aim of the game. The key to sustainable weight loss is to adopt healthy habits which are easy to manage rather than following restrictive or fad diets. 

It’s important to be patient and focus on your overall wellness. Small steps can take you a long way, and you’ll see the benefits at a very early stage.

Can weight loss improve sleep quality?

Yes, losing weight can help to reduce the risk of obstructive sleep issues such as sleep apnea. Weight loss helps to restore hormonal balance and improve your sleep quality and duration. 

It can also reduce aches and pains, which can significantly disrupt sleeping patterns.

How does weight loss impact mood and mental wellbeing?

There are several ways that weight loss can improve your mood and wellbeing. When you start to lose weight you're likely to experience a feeling of self-belief as you realise that you're in the driving seat when it comes to your weight control. 

You may feel better about your physical appearance and new-found mobility, especially if you're enjoying a new exercise.

You'll have a sense of accomplishment, which will improve your self-esteem. Weight loss also helps to reduce health issues, which can lead to low mood or depression.