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Congrats! You decided to join the PhenQ family. Now, your journey to getting a slimmer figure begins! We provide you the tools and products you need to not only lose weight, but to build muscle tone, gain strength, and most importantly.... become a better you.

These Customer Only Guides are for the serious, dedicated soul who is ready to make weight loss a reality. Not only does PhenQ provide high-quality supplements, but also a revolutionary meal plan, daily workout routines, dozens of science-based weight loss tips, an easy-to-follow diet strategy, and so much more.

So what are you waiting for? Check them out and start your weight loss journey today with PhenQ by your side!

The 3-Day Detox Program

It's time to clean out your system! Weight loss is more effective when your body has been rid of toxins. The 3-Day Detox Program will prep your body for maximum weight loss. The program covers the following things:

  • What food & beverage items to remove from your cupboard
  • What exactly to eat and drink during breakfast, mid-morning,
  • One trick that makes you shed a lot of water weight fast
  • Smoothie recipes that are perfect for body cleansing
  • Why certain foods & drinks detoxify the body

The Revolutionary New Meal Plan

Trying to lose weight without an effective meal plan is like climbing a mountain's hard! That's why PhenQ has created the Revolutionary New Meal Plan. The plan covers the following things:

  • Tips that maximizes weight loss success
  • Meal Plans tailor made for your gender & bodyweight
  • How to make eating adjustments based on your activity level


Weight loss is so much easier when you track your meals. This 7-Day Meal Log sheet ensures that you track every calorie consumed on a daily basis. It tracks up to 7 meals per day.


Starting your weight loss journey has just begun. It is about time that you meet the new, slimmer you! The Intro Guide discusses necessary steps you must take to begin the body transformation process. This guide covers the following things:

  • What you must do before starting your weight loss plan
  • How to stay consistent with your weight loss plan
  • How to stay motivated to stick with your weight loss goal
  • How to deal with obstacles while pursuing your weight loss goal
  • How to implement strategies to keep you focused
  • How to setup goals to keep you on track


If nutrition didn't matter, most ladies would have a flat stomach. Since it does, you need to know how to properly eat to maximize fat loss. 90% of being successful in weight loss is practicing proper nutrition. The Nutrition Guide covers the following things:

  • How to properly prepare yourself for weight loss
  • Why caloric quality is so important
  • Learning what macronutrients are & how each assist in weight loss
  • A sample 7-day meal plan for you to try out
  • How to manipulate daily nutrition intake to meet your weight loss goal


Have you been dealing with low iron? Low vitamin B-12 levels? Well you need some supplements in your life. Supplements are used to cover any nutritional deficiencies you have. The Supplement Guide covers the following things:

  • The correct type of multivitamins you should use for weight loss
  • What are amino acids & how to properly use them
  • What is glutamine & how it's important to your body
  • How fish oil aids are a beneficial supplement
  • How pre-workout formulas aids your efforts
  • The importance of supplementing with protein for weight loss


Workout and weight loss are married 'till death do them part.' You will receive better and faster fat loss results with a quality workout plan. The Workout Guide teaches you how to maximize each workout session. The guide covers the following things:

  • Implement the 90% rule to maximize weight loss efforts
  • How to properly stretch to prevent injuries
  • Using the right range of motion to maximize results
  • How to breathe properly while lifting weights
  • How to overcome plateau to make steady progress in the gym
  • Using the SAID Principle to maximize weight loss
  • Well-designed workout plans for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness level individuals


Congrats! You've achieved a body many women and men envy (and secretly adore). Sooooo… how are you going to keep it? The Maintenance Guide teaches you how to maintain that chiseled body. The guide covers the following things:

  • How not fall victim to old habits
  • How not to go revert back to the old you
  • How to find your sweet spot to workout
  • How implementing a buddy system may help you stay on track
  • Why hiring a personal trainer may help you maintain your weight loss

33 Tip Report for Easy Results

Losing weight shouldn't feel like a chore. In fact, it's pretty easy! This report gives 33 tips that has been scientifically-proven to yield weight loss. The report covers the following things:

  • Why it's okay to have an occasional cheat meal
  • Why plate size matter
  • Why brushing your teeth is a sweet-tooth killer
  • Why morning workouts are the best
  • Caffeine may help your weight loss efforts
  • Adding spice to your foods make weight loss a little easier
  • Certain fats help you lose body fat

Alternate Day Program

To diet or not to diet is the question? The Alternate Day Program lets you do both! It has been scientifically-proven that restricting calories on alternative days accelerates fat loss. The Alternate Day Program makes weight loss simpler than traditional dieting. The program covers the following things:

  • 3 phases that sets you up for maximum fat loss
  • Foods that help cleanse your system
  • Low calorie strategies to stave off hunger
  • Foods to limit to two servings per week
  • 15 foods that maximise weight loss
  • Supplements that work well with this diet program